Hi there! My name is Savannah Whitaker and I created this blog to help people make the most out of their travels, whether it’s the trip of a lifetime or a quick weekend getaway. I took my first international trip in 2018 to Rome, and spent hours browsing various travel blogs before going. Then, I took way too many photos while I was there…as in, more photos in two weeks than I did in the year and a half I lived in California. I also got incredibly frustrated that I couldn’t possibly flood my personal facebook with captions for each individual photo, detailing every fascinating detail I learned, and every gorgeous sight I beheld.ย 

Two years later, after LIVING in Vicenza, Italy for the last few months, I’ve finally taken the leap and created this blog. I just couldn’t wait any longer to share my passion for traveling, learning new things, exploring new places and new things. So let me help you take the leap too! What are you waiting for? Adventure is out there.ย 

Feel free to reach out to me personally with any comments or feedback here.

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